- 011

At this time in my life I cannot count the number of friends I have on both hands. And at this point in my life, this is the most friends I've ever had. Some I know well enough I can do and say just about anything around them [Matt and Dan]. I can be myself. Others are friends enough to put up with me being awkward and weird and not really entirely knowing what to say most of the time [Kacie and Christina]. I only hope they know I'm weird and awkward because I'm weird and awkward, and not because they make me feel that way. A few of my friends are like brothers to me, so much so that they overcome generation gaps [Chris]. I know that they'll always be around, and more importantly that I'll always want them to be around. It's good to know people. I mention somewhere else in this section that I've spent too much time learning about things and not learning about people and it's true. If you want to be a good writer you write. If you want to be a good painter you paint. And if you want to be a good person you surround yourself with as many good people as you possibly can. And when given the chance you let them know that they are good. And that you're better for having them. That's what I think.