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I like intelligent people, even when their intelligence makes me feel dumb. There are a lot of intelligent people in the world I think, but most of them are off in different directions from me. I don't know if my direction is the right one. It feels like the right one so I find myself attracted to people who are also in my direction. I don't think I am very intelligent so it is always nice to have good examples to go by. My favorite person is also the most intelligent person I know. Her name is Katherine. She lives in Australia. We have a very distant friendship. We only corrospond with each other once every few months. But she's on my level about so many things. And I like that. Katherine gets me better than anyone ever has and I don't really know how. It could be that I'm just transparent. It could just be that she takes the time. She's like the older sister I've never had that I'm secretly in love with except she knows I am and she's younger than me.

That doesn't make any sense.

Katherine's myspace page: http://myspace.com/katherinetye