Self PortraitMy name is Josh.

I live in Bloomington, Indiana.
I am 27 years old.
I am very thin for my height. I wear Buddy Holly glasses.

I work at a large pharmaceutical manufacturer
where I run a company lottery pool.

I am an avid Indianapolis Colts fan.
I think Peyton Manning is swell.

My life is made of equal parts music, photography,
daydreaming, being nervous, and rocking out. By
rocking out I mean, really, being in my element. Often
times, this is overlooked.

I would tell you I am not materialistic. Oh, but I am.
When I think of materialism, I think of someone collecting
many outragiously expensive items and never
using them. I don't do this. But I am materialistic
in my own neurotic way. I would have a million inexpensive
books if I could afford them. I would only read about
a third of them.

I go into music stores and I want to buy everything.

I am neurotic in the sense that I want every known to
be known to me. I would like to have every outdoor
nature photo ever taken on file. I would like to know
about every planet in the universe. I want to see every
single inch of the world. I want to talk to everyone and
shake everyone's hand.

My curiosity stems from a great fear of what might be
out there.

I love flipping through the dictionary.

My neurotisism and materialism are tightly knit.
Someday I would like to write the perfect poem.
I'll feel like I've let some people down if I don't.
I don't know who.

I'm very curious, I think, but only about
a few things.

I try to put myself into everyone's shoes. The
importance of this, more than anything else, is
brought home to me day after day.

We are all human beings. If you cannot relate to
other people, you can never fully understand yourself.

This website / homepage / thing is a creative outlet.
It is also a way of taking stock of what's in my head.

Although not nearly concise, it's a start.

I hope you enjoy it.