when i get a sound technology degree i'm going to work for some recording studio and then one day i will take it over Hostile Bill Gates Style, and i'll hardly know how to play any instruments of course but i'll have a ton of mad mad music-ly gear and i'll become the next Beck or Fatboy Slim -- note that i am not comparing the two -- and i'll wear clothes that are either way too big or way too expensive or way too loud or way too something at any rate, because i'll be way too me to be. *flipmode* and i'll have phat tracks with wunky titles like The Boston Headlocks, and Don't Hate Me Cuz I'm Mutable, and The International House of Handshakes and other groovy groovy shit, and i'll be this obscure hollywood name, a face that no one sees, with issues no one really hears. only i'll show up downtown on occasion in the summer, to anonymously give money to some charity or organization, and years and years down the road i'll show up on Behind the Music and tell you all about how my kid died when he was only 12 and i fought the good fight against drugs for the better half of three years and got disillusioned by the whole music industry mess and finally got my head out of the drink and decided that i had to be true to myself and keep it real. and then the money's gonna really roll in.

cuz everyone loves a comeback kid.