It has been said that a myth is a dream that helps us find our place in the world. To me The Forest is less a piece than a process. A process of discovering what it is we are made of. What kinds of ideas, what predjudices, what propaganda fills us up, what we think is beautiful and what we think is ugly, what we consider Nature and what we think is God.

  The process has been a bit like diving into the unconsciousness of the historical (hysterical?) European Mind in the hopes of discovering what kind of animal we are evolving from. Music tells us these things in the manner of a dream that we, in most cases, don’t understand, at least not with our waking minds.

  I know I don’t understand much of what it is that fills me up, and that much of the work on this project, or any project, is a process of trying to discover what is inside yourself. And half the time the work itself tells you, but you don’t understand what it’s saying until many years later, which is okay. I’m not saying it’s ahead of it’s time. It’s probably just about on time, but none of us have any perspective on what we are doing, or why we are doing it, until years after the fact.