From Concentrate

if you show me a novel
i will pick from it 300 meaningful words
and i will give them to you like they mean nothing.

          the future is coughing into my eyes,
       but i've already scratched things out
       words in a broken thesaurus

                                                    waking up into an ordinary
                                                   you make so beautiful
                                                                    with your hands.

{ if you show me a red light
i will find a thousand ways to make it green.

things are absurd,
everyone in their metal    machines
buzzing and humming like toys
with no patience for hovering
and no time for the clouds to move by.
i'm swept up with the faces and the madness and the need
to move away from immobility.

              (3,000 miles eastbound, looking for a change)

       but all i really want to do is
             sit with you      and be silent like the grass
                  even when footsteps are on it
                  pounding like a new day.

          i want arms around my waist
            and the moon inside my mouth    waiting
            and no where else to be
            except that somewhere
              we foolishly called a nowhere.

- Ashley Ording