A Sort Of Fairy Tale

Once there was nothing more than substance......

And one day a man named Jonas came into the little town to claim the substance.
The people saw Jonas and yelled.
They surrounded the substance, giving it soft hugs and goodbye kisses.
Jonas took the substance.

Jonas bought a swift steed to carry himself and the substance away.
They camped on top of the mountain,
And the blizzard nearly took them that night.
Jonas covered the substance in bright blankets and held it all night long.
In the morning the substance was frozen,
But somehow endured.

The valley elves awaited them.

Many people came to greet Jonas at the parade.
The people saw him and yelled.
They gave him many medals and put the substance in the highest tower.
Jonas cried when he saw the waving flag.
He was called a great hero.

And one day Jonas went to sleep and died.