Relief is a kind. The flood that takes
only half your house. The eleventh day of
the eleventh month. The twin that survived.

Pyrite of greed? I've never known a heart that
wasn't greedy for feeling good. Even the noble
man does it all for the same secret joy.

Possibility? It is akin to the possibility of
possibility. When I am entirely fullfilled by
the hope of being entirely fulfilled.

Happiness can be in trying to define it;
Depending on my mood, it might be a
Brazilian's word for forest or snow.

I told someone once that happiness was the
sound of your name. They insisted happiness
was the sound of your voice saying mine.

You are not here now. And happiness?
I find it strange and lovely like a memory.
But memories do not exist until the moments are gone.

A smile is never a gift when you're smiling . . .
it's only when you've seen one after so long.
My one true love,

if I'd known then what I know now . . .
Happiness is having things to take for granted.
If I had only known then what I know now.