"My favorite cartoons are the old Looney Tunes bits, with Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner, and Tom and Jerry. There's so much violence in them, and it's all so predictable. Jerry might have a bowling ball rigged up, say, to run down a shute and hit ole Tom in the head, and Tom comes in and trips the trap and somehow he always manages to see what's coming just before it comes, like he can see that bowling ball rollin' down at him, larger than life, larger than a bowling ball even --even tho that's what it is-- and sure enough it nails him right square in the face, just like you knew it would. And the crazy thing is that something like that, you know, it's the sort of thing that really oughtta kill you if it happens, and the way Tom looks you gotta think it hurts like hell. But what does he do? He just shakes his head, pops that dent out of the side of his face and goes right back to goin on. All the toons do that in their own way. Gettin beat and blasted and shot and smacked around, and they just keep on bouncin back and coming for more. Sort of like people do sometimes. Only we don't laugh about it when it's people. Even though, in a lot of situations it's just as dumb and just as senseless as those old cartoons. People gettin hurt and jumping back into bad situations just to get hurt again. I wish I could laugh about that sometimes. But you can't, ya know. No one can really. It's just one of those rules of human behavior, what's proper and what isn't. What you can do though is watch those cartoons and laugh at them instead and then it's not so bad. And that's why I like em. Cuz they make it okay to smile about a thing that's really sort of sad and demoralizing. They make it alright to laugh. And I like to laugh. I like to laugh a lot."

- excerpt from Human Behaviors In The Natural World, by Jonathan Colfax