These are some of my favorite poems.

The Quest - W.H. Auden

What He Thought - Heather McHugh

The Novelist - W.H. Auden
Who's Who - W.H. Auden
The Love Feast - W.H. Auden

Storms Begin Far Back - Carl Sandburg

Homage To The Divers - Stephen Dunn
The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost

From Concentrate - Ashley Ording

Mirror - Sylvia Plath

Musèe des Beaux Arts -
W.H. Auden
Bricklayer Love - Carl Sandburg

Untitled - Angelo De Ponciano
The Rain - William Carpenter

Those Of Us Who Think We Know - Stephen Dunn

Loves - Stephen Dunn
Stations - Stephen Dunn

Is There Any Easy Road To Freedom? - Carl Sandburg
Freedom Is A Habit - Carl Sandburg

Braid - Susan Stewart
Wish You Were Here - Susan Stewart