I read and write poetry.

I'm not what you'd call well-read when it comes to poetry. But I do have my favorites, those being Stephen Dunn, a living breathing poet from New Jersey, and W.H. Auden, sadly deceased, who was English and considered by many to be the greatest poet of the 20th century. I also like some classics. Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg. And an amazing woman named Susan Stewart. You can read some of my poems, or you can read some of theirs.

Why does everyone on the web seem to be a lover of poetry? Well, perhaps in the real world poetry is more popular than many would like to admit. It is instantly universal and personalizable in the same breath. Perhaps its appeal lies in the fact that anyone can write a poem. You don't need any specialized equipment. It's an inexpensive hobby. And as far as hobbies go, there aren't many of those left these days. I mean really, who wants to weave a fucking basket? Basket weavers everywhere, I welcome your comments. Lastly, you don't need to be cultured or intellectual or have a "proper" upbringing to enjoy reading and writing poems. Anyone can do it. Anyone.