Song For The Prairie Girl

(or Sunlight Or Bad Weather)

Where are you?
What was it set your eyes to wander?
What dew wets the feet beneath you?
Way out on the widening prairie you heard the winds gather.
They ran into wild eyes that watered.
Had you known this is where you'd linger, would you have come?
Speak the words that brought you here to ramble.

When he kissed you did your spirit falter?
Did you lose yourself in wish and promise?
Don't tell me that it wasn't expected, I know better.

Where are you? How was it that you came hither?
Do the bones of the prairie whisper?
Do the serpents in the grass not slither?
Out in the flats, I saw your mother running.
You could see the mass behind her, the money-lenders marching.
Tell her now about the price that bought you.

When he touched you did the world quiver?
Did you give yourself to love and anger?
Don't tell us that you didn't need it, we know better.

Yonder out, can you hear the locomotive's whistle?
Does it sound like a death rattle?
Remember where the bison grazed,
And man laid his axe to claim the wild waste.
Everywhere life if fleeting, fleeting beyond reckoning.
It's steaming toward its infinite conclusion and it asks you,

Where are you now?
Do you remember that he loved you?
Is it the sunlight that reminds you,
Or bad weather?

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