A Short List of Things to Do

  1. paint a pretty picture.

  2. become one with two things.
  3. fall in love with someone or something.
  4. suddenly look as though nothing has happened !!
  5. offer an explanation.
  6. believe in a half truth.
  7. question everything.
  8. get a groove. put it on.
  9. yell out everything I am doing/thinking.
10. pronounce everything exactly how it is spelled regardless.
11. stand up straight.
12. understand a great misunderstanding.
13. rebuild the thin line between love and hate.
14. start from the bottom.
15. win. lose.
16. wake up nervous and wide-eyed.
17. shake and shiver to attract attention.
18. tell someone important something insignificant.
19. decide for myself.
20. draw big looping circles around the truth.